Career Opportunity / Employment Application

Every time a credit card gets used in America, is an opportunity to earn income. A small percentage of every sale can go into your pocket as residual income.


At Netcom, we offer two ways for you to be a part of this, based on your level of involvement.


1. Join our nationwide network of sales representatives. Currently we are only looking for representatives based in the United States. A sales representative is responsible for gaining the new business from a merchant, and servicing the account after the sale. This arrangement offers the greatest earnings potential, and income is guaranteed for the lifetime of the account. We do not require an exclusivity agreement.

2. Become a referral partner. Being a sales representative requires a working knowledge of the credit card industry. Don’t have time for that? You can still earn income by simply referring business owners to Netcom. After the initial referral, Netcom will handle the setup and service. No further involvement is needed from the referral partner. The partner will earn income for each account referred.


Some examples of referrals:


1. Your existing clients. Are you an accountant or web developer? Many of your clients are business owners and will need to accept credit cards.

2. Trade associations: Are you a law or dental office? Refer your colleagues.


If interested, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you within one business day. If you prefer, you can call us at 800-875-6680 extension 1003