EMV terminal

EMV terminal

Implications if you do not have an EMV terminal - Netcom PaySystem

Well October 1st deadline has already passed but you still don't have a EMV terminal, don't worry you are not alone. In fact, according to survey results released by The Strawhecker Group, it illustrates only 27% of US merchants were EMV-ready by the October 1st liability shift. This represents a sizable decline from earlier estimation of 34%.

If the merchant has not upgraded their POS to EMV terminal,  liability for fraudulent transactions will shift from the credit card provider to the merchant.

We have provided a list below of EMV compliant terminals that we currently offer.

Verifone VX520
Ingenico ICT220
Ingenico ICT250


MYTH #1: Implementing EMV in your business is mandatory and will be enforced by a government regulation.

Answer: False

Last year it was announced that all credit card providers must issue secure chip-and-pin cards to their customers by October, 2015. If the merchant has not upgraded their POS to EMV terminal,  liability for fraudulent transactions will shift from the credit card provider to the merchant.


MYTH #2: EMV is Old Technology

Answer: True

EMV was actually developed in 1993 which makes it more than 20 years old.


MYTH #3: Once a business upgrades to EMV, you can no longer accept regular mag stripe cards.

Answer: False

You will be able to use your new EMV terminal to accept both types of cards, mag stripe card and EMV-ready cards.


MYTH #4: EMV is a requirement for complying with PCI Data Security Standards.

Answer: False

You do not need to implement EMV in order to be PCI compliant.


MYTH #5: EMV is very expensive

Answer: Little hard to answer, but we will go with somewhat true.

In most cases, the cost of EMV migration will be somewhere around $500 to $1000.


Although not mandated, Netcom PaySystem can provide state of the art EMV ready equipment at your discretion. If you’re ready, so are we!


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