Netcom PaySystem offers a full suite of solutions and products that allows you or your developers to quickly and easily connect your existing commerce system to the Netcom PaySystem core platform—no matter your industry or type of business.

Netcom PaySystem has one of the country’s leading payment gateways for small to mid-sized merchants. The gateway is a high-speed, secure transaction processing system that supports a wide range of electronic payment types. With this technology, Netcom PaySystem is capable of tailoring the perfect payment solution for brick-and-mortar merchants looking to expand into eCommerce, or for those merchants who want to enhance their current online processing experience.

The benefits of Netcom PaySystem’s gateway include:

- A secure, intelligent high-speed transaction processor that supports credit, debit, and gift card payments
- Multiple payment channel support for face-to-face, card-not-present, eCommerce, and more—all from the same environment
- Comprehensive reporting
- Transaction management and fraud protection tools
- Free merchant and technical support
- Additional capabilities include AVS and CVV validation, convenience fee, and support for our tokenization product.


The Netcom PaySystem payment gateway is connected to a wide variety of third-party applications and vendors to meet the needs of merchants who are looking for seamless online payment processing support within their favorite applications.

Netcom PaySystem has multiple platform-independent API options available at no cost to simplify your integration efforts. These APIs are designed for use with mail/phone order, eCommerce, and retail.

API Keys

API keys are used for you to authenticate yourself to our server for any API call.

You can find your API Keys here.

There are two pairs of keys, one for TEST and one for LIVE. Both pairs consist of two keys: a service key and a client key. You should use the service key for all server-to-server calls. The client key is used by Worldpay.js, iOS and Android libraries to store the card details in our server.

The Service Key
The service key is used for all server-to-server calls. It is important you keep this key secret.

In order to authorise your service to the API, you must set the service key on completion of payment from your server. Please refer to the guide appropriate to each specific payment type for more information about how to do this.

The Client Key
The client key is used for API calls made directly from your customer's browser. Having a separate key for this keeps your service key more secure.

The client key is set using the Worldpay.js library.

For more information about how to create a checkout form using Worldpay.js, please refer to the appropriate guide for each payment type.


With Netcom PaySystem’s full suite of processing solutions, businesses large and small have the ability to easily, efficiently, and affordably process transactions.

The Virtual POS Solution (VPOS) is a comprehensive payment processing, management, and reporting solution designed to meet the needs of businesses that allow a wide range of transaction options, from retail to card-not-present.

The Payment Form Builder allows you to create a secure, customized, online payment form to enable customers to pay for your product, service, or donation with the simple click of a button.

The Payment Plugin for Quickbooks® accounting software adds the power of our payment processing to your Quickbooks application to simplify the process of accepting and managing payments.

Netcom PaySystem’s Batch Upload service provides an alternative method of processing large volumes of non real-time transactions through a secure file upload.

Payments API is designed to ease the integration effort for ISV and Merchant developers. Our Payments API uses SOAP web service protocol, which gives you easy access to our core processing platform without having to code to a proprietary message format.

Benefits of Using Payments API

Reduce time, cost, and complexity of developing and integrating your commerce application with Netcom PaySystem’s core payment platform. Increase development and integration efficiency by using a standardized web service. Netcom PaySystem provides resources to work with you throughout the development lifecycle.

Supported Plugins

This plugin supports standard payments, authorise payments, 3D Secure payments, card-on-file payments and creating orders from the Magento admin interface. Not supported at this moment are: recurring payments.

This plugin supports standard payments and card-on-file payments. Not supported at this moment are: authorise payments, recurring payments and 3D Secure payments.

This plugin supports standard payments and card-on-file payments. Not supported at this moment are: authorise payments, recurring payments and 3D Secure payments.

This plugin supports standard payments and card-on-file payments. Not supported at this moment are: authorise payments, recurring payments and 3D Secure payments.

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