Netcom Affiliate Program

Netcom Affiliate Program

Did You Receive Your Residual Check This Month?

If you were one of Affiliate Partners you would have!! Why aren’t we paying you every month like hundreds of our other Affiliate Partners? The answer is only a click away! It is very simple to get started as a Netcom PaySystem Affiliate. Complete this short opt-in form and your personalized affiliate portal will be created and activated within 24-48 hours.

How do I track my leads?

Every Affiliate is assigned a unique Affiliate number. This number accompanies every lead that you provide and signifies that the lead belongs to you. Once the lead is converted into an account that is approved and processing; you’ll receive a residual check every month for the life of the account.

I don’t really have time nor know how to sell.

Good news! You do not have to sell anything or do any work to earn commissions. We handle all the sales, customer service and billing. All you have to do is tell your friends, business associates, clients, customers, affiliates and place a link or banner on your web site.

Your Personalized Affiliate Portal Features:

1) Live commission reporting accessible to you 24 hours a day.
2) Automatic email notification will be sent you every time you have earned commission.
3) Shareable URL and banners with your unique Affiliate number.
4) Marketing tools to help you spread the word.



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