Our Products

  • UBMe Online Ordering

    Load your menu, and take orders from your website. You can hold for pickup, or delivery with your own driver.

  • Clover POS

    With over a million systems installed, Clover is the most popular Point of Sale system worldwide.  It is used by restaurants and retail to run sales, track inventory, and manage customers.

  • Pax A80 Countertop Terminal

    An android based device – like a cell phone in a terminal’s body. The A80 has a touch screen and keypad.   It will also accept chip cards and contactless payments.

  • Cash Discount and Surcharging Program

    Looking for ways to help offset the increased cost of running a business? One option is to pass processing fees to your customers who choose to use a credit card. We have a cash discount and surcharging program that will save you 80% or more in your processing costs.

  • Text–to–Pay

    Send a payment link to your customer via text. They will be taken to a secure payment page to pay on their phone.

  • PAX A920 Wireless Terminal

    A wireless cousin of the Pax A80. This can be used for mobile and curbside payments. It has a full sized touchscreen.

  • Coming Soon – Verifone T650 Countertop Terminal

    The latest terminal from Verifone should be released soon. More details to follow.

  • Verifone VX520 Countertop Terminal

    The VX520 is has been our workhorse terminal for years.  It accepts chip cards as well as contactless payments.  This is our most affordable option.

  • Virtual Terminal

    Enter credit card numbers from your computer.   We have several options which include invoice generation and recurring billing.

  • Level 2 and Level 3 Processing

    Are you selling Business to Business?   By entering a few extra pieces of data during your transaction, you can cut over half a percentage point from your processing rate.   Ask us how.

  • Cell Phone and Tablet Processing

    Pair a bluetooth reader to your phone and use your cellular connection to make your own wireless terminal. You can email a receipt to your customer.

  • Mynt POS

    A full service point of sale system for restaurants or retail. This system can be used with the cash discounting and surcharging program.

  • Website Creation with BigCommerce

    Do you need help creating a website and establishing your online presence? We have partnered with BigCommerce to provide an all-in-one eCommerce solution.

  • Payment Button for your website

    Collect invoices and donations from your website without creating a website shopping cart. You can quickly create HTML code to make a “pay now” button. This will bring the customer to a secure payment page, then return them to your site.

  • ACH / E-Check

    Deposit and withdraw cash directly from your customer’s bank account. Recurring billing is available for subscriptions and membership dues.

  • Gift and Loyalty Cards

    Increase sales and drive repeat traffic by offering gift and loyalty cards. Pre-designed templates and fully custom cards are available.

  • Internet Gateways

    Merchants and developers can connect a shopping cart to credit card processing with or Network Merchants (NMI).